Its not just a home; It's a kingdom of your desires
Tharwani Ariana is an extremely spacious 12 storied residential 4 towers & 7 storied 10 towers that Offering 670 flats with 1, 1%, 2 & 3BHK holds an extraordinary advantage of ubiquitous greenery, spread all around! Your home stays right where your heart is. In a place called paradise. Each part of this structure, each flat has been painstakingly designed - beautiful in form, perfect in function! An eyeful of a view from anywhere around dote complex is magical, resplendent with soothing greenery. Amenities and facilities like the beautifully landscaped garden, a track for joggers, play area, recreational facilities like the amphitheatre, party area, clubhouse and the works make for an experience that's magical. Right through a lifetime.

  • 1-BHK Plan
  • 1 1/2-BHK Plan
  • 2-BHK Plan
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