Creating Lifespaces,Luxury,Dreams


THARWANI REALTY is one of a leading infrastructure company, which have always come up with innovative and world class amenities. Over the last couple of decades, THARWANI REALTY has firmly established itself as one of the leading and most successful developers of real estate in around Mumbai by etching its invincible print across all asset classes.

It is a thought that has been encapsulated by Mr. Anil Tharwani and backed up by his tremendous team. We are an organisation that is highly focused on delivering international quality products in a timely manner with utmost perfection.


THARWANI REALTY is a industry where our customer own their Dreams Homes. Since inception, the Company has always worked towards superior quality, customer satisfaction, innovation, timely research, strong business ethics, timeless values and transparency in all angles of business, which have contributed in making it a preferred real estate brand in Mumbai Navi Mumbai. We always maintain the means, empowerment and motivation to fuilfill all the requirements for a satisfactory project.

THARWANI REALTY has developed all the means and in-house strength to deliver a quality project from conceptualisation to completion.


Creating Lifespace for a luxurious lifestyle,Building dreams into reality,Developing a leisure Experience