Our Legacy

Tharwani Realty' is a Real Estate company that creates the most impressive state of art residential and commercial landmarks in Mumbai MMR  with world class standards. With more than 25 years of transforming the skylines of the city, more than 25 projects successfully completed and 4 ongoing projects in place, we are a brand of our customers and for our customers.

Mr. Anil Tharwani (CEO of 'Tharwani Realty') believes that- A legacy transforms into a timeless era of excellence when the high-performance atmosphere of a company possesses the priceless golds of trust, transparency, quality, innovation and a future-powered approach in all their endeavors.

Our destinations of timeless beauty are a joy to behold now and forever. Every dimension of our creations are crafted with the embellishment of uniqueness, unparalleled quality, smart space usage, happiness abudance and evergreen inculsions. We protect our planet exceedingly with our eco- friendly environmental approach, in a way to retain nature's lushness into their habitats.

We understand that in a new age, as luxuries are getting larger, the time to indulge in the same with families is growing shorter. Our lifespaces are delightful discoveries to cherish the true joys of life because of their strategic location that lie in close proximity to all essentials. With our progressive design thinking, we aim to raise the bar of upper-league living by enriching our customers not just with the heritance of today's joys but with ecstacy that manifests until infinity.